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  Client Testimonials  

"I have spent the last hour in tears. I can't even grasp how beautiful the pictures are. Your talent is a gift from heaven. I just sit here in awe. Just wow!!! We are going to be your personal PR department. You truly are beyond amazing."
~Angelina Garcia~

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"We had Michael Young do our daughter’s senior photo shoot and I cannot say how happy I am with the results! Right from the planning session, he made her feel comfortable and found a way to incorporate her ideas, including bringing her dog into the shoot! We had a fantastic time and it was all due to his expertise! The photos came out amazing and we cannot be happier. Thank you Michael, for capturing the moment!"
~Sim Martinez~

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"I phoned Michael hours before Kiana's photo shoot, we wanted to implement a change from the original plans to a softball shoot. I told him it would be so cool to get a silhouette of her ponytail in her uniform. I wanted to show her femininity, and I had no idea what he would come up with. We were so pleased with the photos he took at the spur of the moment. He was right on, with what we were asking! Michael knows how to angle his camera and can bring out the best sports shoots ever!!! Please visit Kiana's website and see for yourself. Thanks Michael, for your vision, you're absolutely awesome!"
~Cindy Zerr~

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"Last month, our 17 year old son had his senior portraits taken by Micheal. This was not an ordinary or traditional portrait experience....and the results PROVE that. You see, this photographer will go the extra mile so that you get images that capture the essence of your son or daughter. He met with us to discuss the locations that we wanted and he took time to understand our son's passions. Micheal was genuinely excited to experience the photo shoot. The day of the shoot was a true pleasure. (I mean it!) We went to four local spots that we had chosen and our son got as many clothing changes as he wanted. Micheal and his lovely wife, Diane, made us feel comfortable and this brought out the best in our son. Within just a few short days, we received 62 beautiful images of our son. The unique services offered by Micheal P Young are worth every penny and he is a true professional. You will not be disappointed!"
~Joanna Gillespie~

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"Having my senior pictures taken with Michael Young photography was a wonderful experience. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to take pictures, but Michael and his wife made me feel super confident in front of the camera! I loved all of the pictures and having a personal website that only I had access to was convenient because it allowed me to choose the pictures I wanted. I loved it!"
~Monica Y.~

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"I highly recommend Michael Young! From the creative planning meeting to the photo shoots, it was a breeze and a blast. He guided an uncreative family with excellent ideas while incorporating our desires. Michael was willing to combine senior photos with a family shoot and work with our crazy schedules. Due to unforeseen circumstances he did the indoor shots of my son without me there, and I was thrilled with the results! It was wonderful to have our own personal website and to be able to share and print the photos ourselves and to still have that ability. We loved working with Michael so much we are planning our next photo shoot!"
~Sharon Calhoun~

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"Michael Young shot my daughter Chase Ealey's senior pictures. Chase was able to suggest shots, pick locations and give her ideas during the shoot. The informal atmosphere lent itself to the creative process by relaxing the subject and letting her open up and shine. The pictures came out reflecting her personality and showcasing her accomplishments. We received our own website access and we were able to print what we wanted, send family and friends pictures or web access. I can still play with the images and have used them for invitations and her college mug shot. I didn't break the bank and I ended up with all the images not just those I could afford... Great all around experience! I highly recommend Michael, just ask me..."
~Michelle Naranjo~

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"I really enjoyed my photo shoot. I had a lot of fun feeling like a model and enjoyed being able to express myself and my personality through each photo."

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"We had Michael Young shoot my daughter's senior pictures and what a blast! Michael and Diane had great ideas on location, props, poses, creativity and outfits as well as listening to what my daughter wanted and blending them all for some incredible pictures. We had a blast hanging out together, laughing and kidding around - it was overall a wonderful experience and would recommend Michael P. Young Photography to everyone! Thanks Michael, Diane and Victoria for a great day, a wonderful experience, and stunning pictures!"
~Michell Aslin~

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